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Modifications, July 22, 2007

Established the separate website, Embodiment of Freedom.
Revised home (index) page and pages on the Quad Nets paper and Timing Devices to reflect that fact.

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Added page and paper (.pdf) on timing devices.
Added page on mechanical metaphors.
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First Publication, September 13, 2006

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Research paper "Quad Nets: Material Foundations of Thermal Device Models of Brains" (.pdf file, 720 kB) (download)

Robert Kovsky, author

B.S.E.E., MIT, 1968 (Tau Beta Pi); M.A., Physics/Materials Science, UC Berkeley, 1971; J.D., UC Berkeley, 1974; Member, California State Bar. Please visit my professional page (services provided for lawyers only).

While in graduate school, I began a Ph.D. project investigating thermo-electrically induced phase changes in glassy metal alloys, research underlying the concepts in "Quad Nets." (Google "ovshinsky associative" for background on a pioneer in this area.) When I started law school, those concepts resonated with legal concepts, leading to over 30 years of development and culminating in the constructions of "Quad Nets." Materials prepared after 1991 are available at the separate website, Embodiment of Freedom.

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